BLOGS Halwa Halwa – A confectionary that could not sound more Indian than any other sweet. That being said, Halwa or Halva was injected in Indian festivals and cuisines by the Arabs and Persian that invades years ago. – well, it does not sound very Indian anymore now, does it? – Nevertheless, we have made it more Indian than what it was before. A Page from History The original Halwa sweet was brought by Persian invaders in India, from which it took its roots to the Halwa that we have. The very old recipe of Halwa dates back to early 13th century in Arabic in the books of dishes.  Birds of the same feathers The varieties of Halwa could be numbered down to the n flavors available in the world, but the main ingredients of the dish remain unchanged boiling it down to only 2 kinds – one with flour and other with butter nuts. Flour Halwa in Indian is more northern than it could be of the south. Suji ka Halwa could be one of the most authentic of North Indian Halwa out there, sharing the lime light with Mohan Thal and Moong Dal (In this case the

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I Danced

BLOGS I Danced I danced, I danced and I danced.  The music freed me from the bonds of shyness, the inhibitions and the prison of my thoughts. I danced, I danced and I danced. In circles I colored the dull room, repainted the smiled of those lost thoughts, I danced. With Every beat of that drum I pushed away my soul from the creator and added a day to my life.  My veil that covered my face couldn’t hide my smile, couldn’t weigh down my happiness, couldn’t  tie me anymore, I danced. While I swish and I swayed and I grooved and I moved, I punctured my body to pull out my wings, my frails of my linen that tailed the colors of the rainbow, I danced.  My sweat on my temples witnessed the fresh air of trill for the first time, the gossip of my bangles went to my toe rings, while my eyes could only picture the dream that was orchestrating the mirrors were absorbing and weren’t reflecting.  I hovered over the trance and the fingers on those instruments spoke to me of their freedom, the notes were singing for me, and clef motivated me every time

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BLOGS Jalebi The spiral saffron of sugary sweetness that we Indians call Jalebi has a long tailed history –  right from its origins of geographical birth to being what it is now, severed in India. From the page of History The divine translucent dessert has many names and its goes back to the ancient times of 10th century or so. This was and is commonly served in Western Asia for the feast of epiphany (by Christians of course). Also According to the books of history, this was the food item that was severed during the period of Ramadan as a giveaway for the poor by the Muslims in the Middle East.  – No India so far – about 14th century or so during the Common Era, some Persian invaders, got zulabiya (Jalebi was known as than) as a treat, story has it, it was severed that the palace to earn a favor. Other family members Jalebi and even its cousins comes on to the plate in almost the same way, however, in terms of sweetness Jalebi demands and commands the crown. As a simple as deep frying Maida flour and dipping in sugary water – it does takes skills

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Nine Days

BLOGS Nine Days The number nine holds religious significance in many faiths; like Catholics part take in nine day long preparations of Novenas before celebrating a Feast, likewise, Hindus celebrate Navratri  – of course the two cannot be placed in the same plate but, the significance of the number is well highlighted. Navrathri a festivity of 9 days where vistas of colors blends and music rests only at dawn, while energy is poured out in folk dances and joy fills the atmosphere.  Different Map of Nine days Though the name is chanted throughout the nation in the same voice the tune however differs; as the calendar follows the same dates of Navrathri the aimed celebration has its own tale. In the northern and north eastern states Navrathri is celebrated to in remembrance of Goddess Durga’s victory over the Buffalo Demon and it is also called as Durga Puja. Whereas, in the southern and north western states Navrathri is celebrated to relieved Ram’s victory over Ravana. The basic theme of the celebration narrates the triumph of good over evil. Glance over the nine days of Durga Puja. In these nine days of celebration the color is given due significance along

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BLOGS Jaipur Paint the City Pink Paint the town green sounds upbeat in ‘The script’s’ song, painting the city pink not so much and yet, Jaipur stands tall and proud of its color scheme that was slashed during the British period. If only, a hyperbole could live to see this – that every brick to the earth pots to reflect the shades of pink, couldn’t have been a hyperbole.  The idea of Pink. During the reign of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, who was said to be one of the most powerful and influential kings of his time, wanted to impress Prince Albert and lure him to visit Jaipur. And Maharaja Sawai did it with such a swag, that Prince Albert was very much impressed by the center piece that was erected in the middle of the city – a pink concert hall. Maharaja Sawai did not stop there, he went only naming this structure after the Royalty and adding his name in his good books.  The other half  Prince Albert was so fascinated with the hall that it motivated the King to beautifying the whole city into pink paint which was the other half of the pink city

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