Khandvi in a white rectangular plate.


BLOGS Khandvi Khandvi, one of the popular snacks in Gujarat. Silky yellow appetizer garnished with a pinch of blend spices makes the delicate rolls heavenly. Khandvi is one of those culinary dishes that stands out on the map, showcasing the true artistry of the region. The smooth rolls with the delicate texture of gram flour, tangy-yogurt rolls make Khandvi a perfect finger food in Gujarati households and the party-starter to all the taste buds. Not only does it taste

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3 containers in a brown wooden round tray with Dal, Churma and Bati with Dal on it,

Dal Bati

BLOGS Dal Bati Churma Heavenly Trio Dal – Bati – Churma – is a heavenly trio from the land of Rajasthan and is held in that high regard. Dal – is the lentil soup or curry, while Bati is the baked dumpling of wheat balls and sugary sweet powder is the Churma that explodes flavors with every bite. This culinary masterpiece not only holds nostalgia, but the rich heritage of Rajasthan. Food of the warriors The

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BLOGS Halwa Halwa – A confectionary that could not sound more Indian than any other sweet. That being said, Halwa or Halva was injected in Indian festivals and cuisines by the Arabs and Persian that invades years ago. – well, it does not sound very Indian anymore now, does it? – Nevertheless, we have made it more Indian than what it was before. A Page from History The original Halwa sweet was brought by Persian

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I Danced

BLOGS I Danced I danced, I danced and I danced.  The music freed me from the bonds of shyness, the inhibitions and the prison of my thoughts. I danced, I danced and I danced. In circles I colored the dull room, repainted the smiled of those lost thoughts, I danced. With Every beat of that drum I pushed away my soul from the creator and added a day to my life.  My veil that covered

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BLOGS Jalebi The spiral saffron of sugary sweetness that we Indians call Jalebi has a long tailed history –  right from its origins of geographical birth to being what it is now, severed in India. From the page of History The divine translucent dessert has many names and its goes back to the ancient times of 10th century or so. This was and is commonly served in Western Asia for the feast of epiphany (by

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Nine Days

BLOGS Nine Days The number nine holds religious significance in many faiths; like Catholics part take in nine day long preparations of Novenas before celebrating a Feast, likewise, Hindus celebrate Navratri  – of course the two cannot be placed in the same plate but, the significance of the number is well highlighted. Navrathri a festivity of 9 days where vistas of colors blends and music rests only at dawn, while energy is poured out in

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