Dal Bati Churma

Heavenly Trio

Dal – Bati – Churma – is a heavenly trio from the land of Rajasthan and is held in that high regard. Dal – is the lentil soup or curry, while Bati is the baked dumpling of wheat balls and sugary sweet powder is the Churma that explodes flavors with every bite. This culinary masterpiece not only holds nostalgia, but the rich heritage of Rajasthan.
Food of the warriors
The Meal of the royals is what Dal Bati Churma was, initially. The bowl of Dal Bati Churma is really high in protein and was served as a meal for warriors. It also has a very long shelf life, considering no special conditions to meet. However, over time, it slowly became a part of every Rajasthani household blending in warm hospitality land offers.

What goes in it?  
To make the curry or lentil soup, it takes skill, to make it tick and flavorsome. There is a blend of various lentils used, but mostly pea lentils and Bengal gram–tuvar & chana dal and soaked well to have that velvety texture. Later cooked well with the regional spices infusing the aroma. They traditionally baked the Batis on the slow flame, fueled by the dunk cakes of the cattle. They made the dumplings by kneading the whole wheat with ghee and yogurt. The whole baking process will leave the Batis crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Churma is prepared by coarsely grinding roasted wheat flour with ghee and jaggery.

Where can you find it?
Dal Bati Churma is one of the core and integral parts of Rajasthani cuisine. No function in Rajasthan is complete without a plate of Dal Bati; may it be a wedding or a religious festivity. The taste will leave you wanting for me. Being in Dubai, it is difficult to get the nostalgic taste from the land. However, we at Rasoi Ghar try our best to make it as authentic as you would get. Try our Dal Bati Churma every Wednesday.

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