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(*Available at Karama Branch only)

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Unlimited Breakfast

At Rasoi Ghar, we embrace the vibrant flavours of India to kickstart your day with a medley of delectable vegetarian breakfast options. Our breakfast buffet is thoughtfully curated with your taste buds in mind, inspired by the diverse culinary heritage of our nation. Begin your morning with a tasting journey through our array of enticing offerings. Once you’ve unearthed your favourites, feel free to help yourself, and savour as much as you desire from our buffet spread of the finest vegetarian delights until your breakfast cravings are fully satisfied!

Hot Food

Comforting bowl of fluffy goodness, packed with flavors

Puri Bhaji
Delightful duo of fluffy fried bread and flavorful potato curry.

Idli Sambar
Soft, spongy idlis dipped in a flavorful sambar sauce, delicacy that’s pure comfort

Medu Vada
Crispy, golden, and utterly delicious, these savory donuts are a South Indian favorite

Aloo Paratha
Fluffy, golden flatbreads stuffed with spiced potato goodness, a North Indian classic to savor

Hearty, semolina-based dish, brimming with comforting flavors to brighten your morning

Khaman Dhokla
Steamed, spongy delight from Gujarat, bursting with tangy and savory flavors

Crispy, gram flour strips that add a delightful crunch to your breakfast

Made to Order

South India’s savory pancake perfection

Onion Uttapam
Crispy, flavorful, and simply irresistible

Plain Dosa
Thin, crispy, and simply classic – our Plain Dosa is a timeless favorite

Masala Dosa
Experience the magic of India’s favorite comfort food with our Masala Dosa 

Sweet spiral of golden delight


Sweet Lassi
Creamy, sweet indulgence that’s both refreshing and satisfying, perfect for a pick-me-up

Mango Lassi
Tropical delight in every sip, bringing the flavors of ripe mangoes to your glass

Masala Chai
Fragrant, spiced blend that warms your soul with every sip

Filter Coffee
Rich and aromatic brew satisfy caffeine cravings

Orange Juice
Sunny burst of citrus goodness with a zing

Hot or Cold, Milk is the timeless elixir of nourishment

Cereals and Fruits

Corn Flakes 
Crispy, golden flakes & a crunchy delight

Choco Puffs
Chocolatey goodness in your cereal bowl

Cut Assorted Fruits
Colorful & healthy medley of nature’s sweetness


White Bread
Soft, fluffy, and classic

Brown Bread
Nutrient-rich and wholesome

Burst of fruity sweetness

Creamy, indulgent touch


Creamy, versatile, and the perfect canvas for your culinary creations

Sweet Dates Chutney
Lusciously sweet and tangy accompaniment that elevates your palate with each spoonful

Green Mint Chutney
Zesty and refreshing condiment that adds a burst of herbal goodness to your dishes

Coconut Chutney
Creamy, textured and fragrant blend of coconut and spices

(*Available at Karama Branch only)


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