Khandvi in a white rectangular plate.

Khandvi, one of the popular snacks in Gujarat. Silky yellow appetizer garnished with a pinch of blend spices makes the delicate rolls heavenly. Khandvi is one of those culinary dishes that stands out on the map, showcasing the true artistry of the region. The smooth rolls with the delicate texture of gram flour, tangy-yogurt rolls make Khandvi a perfect finger food in Gujarati households and the party-starter to all the taste buds. Not only does it taste great in your mouth, but also looks great in sight. A pyramid made by stacking them one above the other, and complimenting colors of yellow, green and white, makes it visually pleasing and aromatically appetizing.  

 What goes into making it?  

 It is almost like magic, like most cooking is; taking a simple batter of gram flour and turning it into something delicate, rolled up finger food. The gram flour, which we call besan, is mixed with water and yogurt. Of course, it wouldn’t taste as good as it does with just these 3 ingredients. There are a bunch of spices such as turmeric, chilies & ginger. The batter is then cooked at very low heat, stirring constantly until it gives out a smooth velvety fabric of creamy yellow.   

Well, this is the first part. Once you achieve the consistency, the batter is then spread thinly on a greased surface. It is easier to do it in small batches. We at Rasoi Ghar use steel plates, because it is easy to handle. It is pliable as it cools down. After cutting into stripes, they are rolled into bite-able delectables known as Khandvi. It is garnished with curry leaves, mustard seeds and sometimes coconut. At Rasoi Ghar, we sometimes add a variation of Masala Khandvi. The rolls are filled with a special filling that brings a burst of flavors along with the creamy, silky text of the original Khandvi.  

What’s so special about Khandvi?  

Let’s see, picture it this way. Well, if you haven’t had Khandvi before, that is. Having a cheesecake that melts in your mouth but is tangy, also, healthier than a cake! It is the delicate texture that melts in the mouth and an explosion of tangy taste that tickles the taste buds, making Khandvi a hero on every festive occasion. The Tanginess is well balanced not to be overthrown by the spices that compliment this simple yet, not so simple appetizer. If you haven’t had it so far, try it at Rasoi Ghar. We usually have it on Mondays. You can check out our menu here. Final thought, did you know Khandvi doesn’t really mean anything in Gujarat or in any Indian language?  


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